Moses at Sight and Sound Theater-Branson, MO

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Moses is the current musical being performed at the Sight and Sound Theater in Branson, Missouri.  It is one of our favorite shows!

The first time I saw this performance I had the opportunity to attend with friends who were not familiar with the story of Moses. I thought perhaps there were others that would like to know about this incredible character before seeing the Musical, Moses.

There are many books and websites you can visit to find scholarly views and, for sure, articles that have been written by pastors and teachers of the bible. This is not that book, article, or website! This is just a simple synopsis to help you before you see the Moses production by Sight and Sound Theater.

Moses is the story of one of my favorite characters in the Bible. There are a myriad of truths and lessons to be learned from the life of Moses. Moses had weaknesses, fears, and for sure grew up in a dysfunctional family. Maybe some of this is the reason I like him!

Moses was an Israelite.  Israelites were God’s chosen people. The Israelites had been in captivity in Egypt for more than a hundred of years.  They were kept in Egypt as slaves and ruled over by Egypt’s Pharaoh or king. Pharaoh was worried the Israelite population was getting too large and that they would grow to overpower the Egyptians. Egypt’s Pharaoh ordered all Hebrew baby boys to be killed.

Moses’ mother hid her baby boy. She made a basket and sent her baby down the river and prayed God’s protection over him.  Pharaoh’s daughter found the basket with the baby boy and decided to raise the baby as her own. Moses’ sister was following the basket down the river. She saw Pharaoh’s daughter rescuing him. Pharaoh’s daughter called to his sister and told her to find a woman to nurse the baby. Of course, she went and got his mother. So, Moses mother got to nurse and love on her own baby.  He was sentenced to death.  God used the very people that had sentenced him to death to protect him.

Moses was raised as an Egyptian. He was being prepared to become the next Pharaoh. As a man he realized his place was not with the Egyptian’s but with the Israelite’s. However, in his anger he murdered an Egyptian and then fled Egypt. It was in his wandering that he started a new life and then began his own family. It is also when he met God, the great I AM.

God told Moses to go back to Egypt.  It was time for God’s people to be free. Moses did not feel confident in what God was asking him to do. He went anyway. After doubting, being laughed at, but being obedient Moses obeyed. God used Moses to lead his people out of bondage. It took multiple plagues for Pharaoh and the Egyptian leaders to believe Moses and to agree to let God’s people go.

After God’s people were released Moses led them into the wilderness where God again protected them from the Egyptians. Moses continued to talk with God and even received the 10 Commandments while in the wilderness. Moses led God’s people even when they did not obey God. God continued to provide for them as they made their way to the promised land.

Sight and Sound does a beautiful job recreating so many of the important events from the life of Moses. There are live animals and an incredible depiction of the water being parted for God’s people to pass through on dry land! An amazing cast and set is used to tell the stories of God’s greatness and faithfulness. We have seen Moses with people of all ages and everyone is always glad they experienced it!




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Trails End Outpost


If you’ve been looking for the perfect vacation retreat to be with family and friends, this is it! In the Gracious Moose Lodge discover the luxury of slowing down and kicking back or go out and enjoy the nearby variety of entertainment and activities on the Branson Strip and Branson Landing, the Jack Nicklaus signature golf course, Arnie’s Barn Restaurant, Lost Canyon Cave, and Ozarks Natural History Museum all at Top of the Rock, boating and fishing at Table Rock Lake . . . and oh, so much more.

The Gracious Moose Lodge is a beautiful three story house tucked in the rolling hills of the famous Ozark Mountains. It is located in the lovely Branson Canyon residential community just off Hwy 65, and is bordered by acres of undeveloped woodlands perfectly suited for your hiking and exploring pleasure. It is a great neighborhood for kids as well as for adults of all ages.


Since you are the one who will be living here during your time away from home, we wanted to create an atmosphere in the Gracious Moose Lodge to brighten your life in a way you will never forget. It was important to us that it be comfortable and cozy, but we wanted to go a step beyond and make it charming, too. We hope you will agree that we accomplished our inspiring ideas by surrounding you with exquisitely chosen colors and textures, and by furnishing every bedroom with luxurious linens, a flat-screen TV and DVD player. Because one of the bedrooms will be your personal space, the room where you begin and end each day, we paid as much attention to them as we did to the living areas.


The moment you step through the front door you’ll sense the warm welcome of the spacious, informal floor plan as the kitchen and dining area open to the large main living room with soaring cathedral ceilings, fireplace, and a breath-taking view through over-sized windows. Remembering how much living happens on porches, we are especially proud of the two screened porches. They are one of the most pleasant places on earth to think, sit, play cards, eat, or just catch a breeze . . . the perfect place to put you in touch with the sights and sounds of nature while allowing you to enjoy indoor comfort. In that way, they’re the best of both worlds.

Overall, the Gracious Moose Lodge offers six bedrooms, four baths, exceptionally well-equipped kitchen, casual dining area, a beautiful, open living room on the main level, two screened porches, utility room, and an extra spacious, comfortably furnished den/game room on the lower level. This den/game room is perfect for entertaining as it includes an ample supply of movies and games, an extra refrigerator, double sink, large snack bar and serving area. Also, there is a gas grill just outside the back door.

In addition to the enjoyment of living a few days in this extraordinary house, all guests have access to the neighborhood Community Swimming Pool with its wide lounging deck, and the picturesque Club House with pool table, media room, and exercise room. The Clubhouse can also be reserved for special group gatherings.

We hope you will come and stay at the Gracious Moose Lodge. Then, when you leave, we hope you will say there’s not one thing that feels pretentious about this house. It’s uniquely comforting, relaxed and natural.


Bear Trail Lodge


Love where you live on vacation. Bear Trail Lodge is that place. Everyone needs to have one special vacation place where it’s about the moments you share and the memories you’ll enjoy the rest of your life.

Perhaps a little history will help you understand why we believe our Bear Trail Lodge is that perfect place for you, your family and friends. Some of my happiest childhood memories were of the times I spent vacationing with my Grandparents in Branson. When I had children of my own, and then grandchildren, we kept vacationing in Branson because I wanted them to have the same wonderful experiences for themselves. A few years ago my adult children and I decided to make it possible for other families to have a place where they could establish vacation traditions as meaningful as ours. As a result, we built Bear Trail Lodge and have now made it available to you.

You’ll find Bear Trail Lodge located on a quaint little street in the Branson Canyon development just off Hwy 65. Lifestyle here is for all generations and is slow, easy and relaxed. Yet it is only minutes away from Table Rock Lake with boating and fishing, the Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course at Top of the Rock, the Branson Airport, and all the exciting energy of the Branson Strip and Branson Landing.
The interior of Bear Trail Lodge was professionally decorated and tastefully depicts the genre of a mountain lodge. It is built on three levels with the main floor and entrance being at street level.


One side of this main level is designed with an open floor plan and vaulted ceilings for the fully equipped Kitchen, large Dining Area, and cozy Living Room with fireplace. The back door opens onto the upper Deck which has a gas grill and offers a beautiful view of the vast natural wooded area. The other side of this main level is the location of one of the Master Bedroom Suites with luxury Bath, and a second King Bedroom with private Bath.


The lower (first) level includes the second Master Bedroom Suite and Bath, another King Bedroom and Bath, a Utility Room with large capacity washer and dryer, and an unusually spacious Den/Game Room. This room provides an abundance of comfortable seating and is equipped with almost every entertainment amenity you can imagine. It opens onto the lower Deck which is only a few steps from the Bridge leading to the Branson Canyon Nature Trail.

The upper (third) level houses one King Bedroom, one Bedroom with two sets of bunkbeds, one full Bath, and the Li’l Cowpokes Hideaway, a small play area for children. All the Bedrooms are furnished with luxurious linens and equipped with flat screen TV’s and DVD players.


We thought it would add a personal touch and a little fun if each of our guests could select a Bedroom which most fit his or her personality. That’s the reason each Bedroom has its own name with furnishings and accessories to create the appropriate venue — Mama Bear’s, Birdhouse, Rawhide, Haciendo, Hunting and Fishing, and the Bear Camp Bunkhouse. Choose the one you prefer for your vacation enjoyment and make it playful, relaxing, peaceful, romantic, or whatever it is you want and need.


All guests also have access to the beautiful neighborhood Swimming Pool (May through September) and the Community Club House which is open all year. The Clubhouse provides a Pool Table, Media Room, and Exercise Room. It can also be reserved for special group gatherings.


We sincerely want your Vacation Place to be “Beary” special!